Winter Witch Activities

24 January, 2020

In the winter months after the holiday busyness is over, we seem to be left with some extra time on our hands. Why not add something to your practice? Let’s explore things we can do to enjoy our hibernation months until nature reawakens in the Spring and we can get back outside feeling refreshed.

Start or reorganize your Book of Shadows / Grimoire:

In my personal practice my BOS is static (except for reorganizing), I use it as a reference for all things magical. It is a book of correspondences, lessons I’ve learned along the way and a record of spells that have worked well that I want to remember to use again. My Grimoire is my working book /books for the new year. It contains thoughts, trial spells, and practices, daily tarot draws, bits and bobbles from my everyday witching and my interactions with Mother Gaia.

Research or learn something NEW:

There are so many side paths to travel down in a pagan path; Amulets, Talismans, Symbology, Oils, Incense, Fairy Lore, Energy Manipulation, Auras, Meditation, Crystals, Divination, Scrying,  Herbology, Pendulums, Astrology,  Numerology, Palmistry, Tarot, Kitchen Witchery, Runes, Ogham, Poppets, Charm Casting, Songs & Chants, Matrons & Patrons, Altar Decor, Women's Mysteries, Spiritual Paths,  Alchemy, Mythology...The list goes on and on.

Connect with Nature during its slumber:

While some of the animals are hibernating and the plants are in a “rest state " as well, take a trip out to a nature trail, mountain or even the beach. Sit and listen to the sounds, the smells, the sensations you receive.  Be mindful that even though many things are resting; that they are recharging for a reawakening in Spring. A chance at new life, of growth and knowing ourselves even better than we did before the winter hibernation.

Practice Self-Love:

We as women are always so busy doing things for “others”, it’s very important to recharge ourselves so we are ready to face whatever comes around our way. Read a good book with a cup of tea, take yourself out to lunch or to the movies, buy yourself that special witchy item that you’ve had your eyes on, take a candle lit bubble bath, take a nap in the middle of the day, dance to your favorite songs, make a “what’s working for me” list in your Grimoire, sign up for a class that you’ve wanted to take. Whatever you consider fun and relaxing, DO IT! We all need time to connect with our passions, to recharge, to remind ourselves that we are amazing women that deserve some “ME” time.

Build your “Letting Go Muscle”:

We're constantly holding on to things in our past, and it can tend to weigh heavy on us and even give us low self-esteem. The more blocks we clear, the more we can really live our best life in the area of self-love. Although we may do this to protect ourselves from hurting, it's really only holding us back from moving forward to reaching optimal self-acceptance and loving who we are.

Explore Ice Magic:

Many of us have ice and snow around, why not put it to good use? If you live in an area you don’t get snow, think outside the box; tweak the magic and utilize the freezer in your kitchens

Snow and ice are variations of water, so it carries all the magical properties that water does such as healing, cleansing and purifying and it is a feminine energy.  But because they are water in a transformed state, they also bring the energy of transformation.

When you collect your snow will also change the energy; for instance, if you scoop up a handful of fresh while the area is still and silent it can be used in spell work for calming tempers or soothing situations.  If you collect snow during a raging blizzard, then it will pack a huge powerful punch of energy, the energy is palpable.

Gather some snow and add it to your bathwater for bringing that tranquil freshly fallen snow atmosphere into your relaxation space. Let snow gathered melt in the house then water your plants with it to give them energies they don’t normally get from being watered inside.

If you are tempted to go out and build a snowman, how about making a large snow poppet instead?  Build him by your front gate and charge him with protection duty of your property.

If you want to get rid of a bad habit, feeling or even a person, write their name or the thing you want to banish on a slip of paper and pop it in a container filled with water, put it in the freezer or work this spell using snow instead.

You can also write your wishes and goals in the snow, as it melts your intent is released to the universe.

Another way to get rid of bad habits or emotions is to dump those feelings into a snowball and throw it away from you as far as you can.

If the snow outside is quiet and peaceful, that perfect stillness of a fresh layer of snow, then wrap up warm and go and sit outside for a bit, allow your mind to clear and see what messages the divine has for you.

Collect a jar full of snow and once it has melted use it as ‘snow water’ for spells and ritual throughout the year.

And to add a dash of Hedge Witchery, we mustn’t forget lying down on the ground to make snow angels…program them to be your guardians to bring abundance, protection or healing for your home and the people and fur babies living inside. The possibilities are as limited as your imagination with snow/ice magic. Give it a try this winter :)


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